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My Emotional Journey

I spent my 20’s in a relationship that didn’t align with my soul. It wasn’t until I found myself in federal prison where I was able to define the difference between physical and mental confinement. For the first time, in a long time, I felt free.

All my life, I would never consider myself a people-person but I found myself being the go-to person for a lot of people.

Today I have a deeper understanding because I acknowledge a very important part of myself, my emotional self, as it had been neglected. I found myself feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, and empty. In order to start managing and coping with stress, I addressed my emotional agility and with practice, I learned how to be with my emotions and how I feel while being resilient.

From a state of awareness, I learned to be present with my emotions, and pause to notice I have a choice of how I show up in the world, no need to react. I made a commitment to no longer live a life of disembodiment, I was disconnected from my body, in which I was often exercising, disconnected from my mind, emotions, and passion to mask physical sensations, feelings to suppress thoughts.

It was time for me to change, to be gentle and playful while I began to inquire into how I relate internally to myself to begin to live life more fully, engage more deeply, always with a backdrop of relaxation and safety. I realized, over the years, I had become more and more distant from my own authenticity, my purpose, and my passion. It has been a process to reconnect with my true self.   

“My journey has led me to create a gentle and playful way to approach life.  You will learn the power of the pause. Give yourself permission to take a journey within and confidently step into whom you are meant to be through self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment.”

-Renita Payne, the founder of Queen Consulting

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

A Young Woman Writing

Why Us?

Experienced Coaching Professional

At Queens Consulting, we'll help you bring your change making vision to life. 

Whether it is making a life style change in your personal life , Nutritional needs or startup business routine, or Marking needs  – I’ll guide you along the way! Instead of feeling apathetic, frustrated, or unsure moving forward, you can take on these journey's with confidence , you will feel confident knowing what direction your life is headed in what steps to take to carry out your vision and dreams in life.

Queen Consulting is about looking forward and striving for a better future. If you in any way feel that life must have something else to offer, or if you have a goal that you are struggling to reach on your own then I will definitely help you a way forward. On the life side, I’ll help you gain clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence and learn the tools for sustaining these positive habits.


“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.”


I am driven by a mission to help people change their lives and encourage them to think beyond what is and visualize what can be or will be. My devotion is to listen to, support, encourage, inspire, and motivate them to excel in all areas of life.

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